DOVISTA’s business strategy is called CLEAR.

We have jointly created a plan designed to take all DOVISTA companies to the next level. We will develop all the companies in the Group and strengthen all our brands. And we want to capture market shares on all our markets.

We call the plan CLEAR. As in All CLEAR. Because the plan creates clarity about direction and paths. The plan is a growth plan. And growth will come as we play better and smarter as a team.

We are strengthening the DOVISTA management teams in the individual markets, we are strengthening our collaboration, and we are strengthening the Group functions that we can all draw on.

The customer must be at the centre of everything we do. On all levels and in all parts of our operations, a deep understanding of our customers must guide our choices of products and services.

Our customers must be at the heart of everything we do. We are clear that our products are windows and doors, our perspective is long-term, and we have the necessary financial foundation to invest in growth.

This is our reference point when we formulate our vision: DOVISTA will be the genuine and leading North European solution provider of windows and doors.


Customer focus

We need to continue to move from a product perspective to a customer focus. We need to define quality through our customers’ perception.


Leading together

We will lead the industry together by utilizing the strength of the trust ownership and creating a common platform for all SBUs. And we need everyone to engage in getting us there through innovation and development.



We will ensure efficient lines of decision-making and encourage direct communication.



We will set the right governance structures while involving key stakeholders across the Group



We will build trust. Internally as well as externally in pursuit of an organization that always believes that we can do better.