The DOVISTA Group is a group of leading companies and brands on the North European market for vertical windows and doors. The group consists of a number of independent brands, and its more than 4,000 employees manufacture and market windows and doors in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the UK, Germany, Ireland, Poland and Lithuania.

The DOVISTA Group is owned by the Danish company DOVISTA A/S.

The DOVISTA Group consists of companies that all have their independent identities and market strategies, firmly anchored in their local markets and closely connected to their customers. But the companies also collaborate to create knowledge and synergies between the brands and strengthen the shared competences and qualities of the group. This is our business model, which can be summed up in: Distinctive Brands – Shared Excellence. We serve our customers and markets as Distinctive Brands and we develop together through Shared Excellence.

DOVISTA A/S practises active and committed ownership, for example through coordinated activities within strategic business and market development. Our collaboration in the Group must contribute to continuously improving the competitiveness of each company as well as the Group as a whole, for the benefit of our customers and our owners.

DOVISTA A/S is owned 100% by the Danish company VKR Holding A/S – one of Denmark’s most highly regarded companies with a staff of about 16,000 employees and activities in more than 40 countries.