Shared Excellence

By bringing together a number of individually strong companies in a strategic collaboration, we are able to produce results that add up to more than the sum of the results of the individual companies. By joining forces, we accumulate unique knowledge about the conditions and business opportunities on the market, and we create a valuable platform to strengthen the individual companies and their brands.

It is very important to the DOVISTA Group that the identity and culture of each individual company is strengthened through Distinctive Brands. However, there are a number of inputs, processes and products in the value chain that are not connected to local markets. Instead, they can be developed and strengthened by cross-company collaboration. The DOVISTA Group focuses on developing shared competences and synergies through Shared Excellence.

All companies in the DOVISTA Group contribute actively to the ongoing process of developing the market insight, knowledge and competences of the Group. We make a concerted effort to continually challenge and inspire each other and to explore and develop the synergies arising from a close collaboration between strong partners.

Shared Excellence is an active platform, and a tool which is only possible because we are many who contribute to a shared goal. Shared Excellence enables us to go further and achieve higher goals than we could individually.