UAB „DOVISTA“ is implementing the project „Training of UAB DOVISTA“ employees and development of specific competencies“, No. 09.4.3-ESFA-T-846-02-0002, funded by the European Social Fund (project budget: 498.487,63 €, granted funding– 249.243,81 €).

The aim of the project is to increase the qualification, knowledge and skills of the employees of UAB „DOVISTA“; to resolve the lack of qualified labor by providing in-house training and providing company employees with the specific knowledge and skills needed to carry out direct work. The training provided by the project is directly related to the work performed by the workers and is aimed at developing specific competencies and skills of the members of staff.

Successful implementation of the project will contribute to the improved qualification of the human resources of the company. It is envisaged that knowledge and competencies acquired during the project will be passed on to other colleagues and new members of staff. Once the assessment of benefits of qualification upgrade is complete, the idea of life-long learning will be cultivated: Upgrading professional skills will provide basis for a long-term employee development plan.