The DOVISTA Group is dependent on good and reliable suppliers, and we are always seeking to expand our network to strengthen our competitiveness. Suppliers who have attractive goods and services to offer are always welcome to contact us.

The DOVISTA Group demands a lot of itself and of its suppliers. What is characteristic of our suppliers is their high quality and high level of service. It is our ambition to be the preferred supplier of windows and doors in the industry, and we expect our suppliers to support us in this ambition.

Our collaboration with suppliers is based on mutual respect, trust and commitment as well as a wish to establish long-term relationships with room for continuous improvement and innovation.

What the DOVISTA Group can offer

  • Precise requirements and materials specifications
  • Collaboration agreements with a clear division of responsibilities
  • Ongoing evaluation and feedback
  • Continuous improvements in the collaboration
  • Participation in development projects
  • Reliable and punctual payment

If you are a supplier of products or services that you think could be relevant to the DOVISTA Group, we are very interested in hearing from you.

For additional information, please contact Stefan Jahn, CPO, Group Procurement, e-mail:

The DOVISTA Group seeks to protect the environment, and demands its suppliers to secure that its products comply with relevant laws concerning hazardous substances.

Likewise, the DOVISTA Group demands its suppliers to comply with our Code of Conduct.

Additional information regarding restrictions of hazardous substances

Code of Conduct