It is people who create good results, and DOVISTA A/S and our companies are constantly looking for skilled and ambitious people who can help us develop our business.

We do everything we can to attract new employees, and to retain and develop the employees we have. The people working for us are capable and committed to our continued progress. We have many employees, but it is important to us that each employee experiences a match between their personal and professional qualifications and the company’s present and future requirements.

As an employee in the DOVISTA Group you will be part of a group of companies that combine local insight with a global outlook.

We expect a good deal from our employees. In return we offer jobs with lots of challenges and responsibilities, good opportunities for personal development and for influencing the scope of the job.

In all our companies the key words are responsibility, performance and commitment. Our employees take responsibility for their work, and we take responsibility for our employees.

We reward responsibility, performance and commitment, and as a company we care about the development and wellbeing of all our employees.

Freedom with responsibility is our motto, and it is important to us that our employees enjoy their working day and enjoy working with each other.

For jobs and vacancies in the companies of the DOVISTA Group
– please see the individual company’s website.

Jobs and vacancies

For vacancies, please visit DOVISTA.dk

Unsolicited applications

We are always looking for ambitious new talent to add to our existing staff. If you think your qualifications and ambitions match our needs, do not hesitate to send us an application. We will examine it and let you know if we have any job openings for you in our company.

Please specify as precisely as possible your qualifications and the types of jobs or tasks you are interested in.

If we spot a potential job for you in DOVISTA A/S or in any of our other companies, we will contact you.

For unsolicited applications, please submit your application together with your CV at:

For Scandinavia and UK job@dovista.com
For Poland rekrutacja@dovista.com
For Lithuania darbas@dovista.com